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Just a reminder, today’s the LAST DAY to join Phoneography 101 before we kick off another round tomorrow.

In case ya haven’t heard, it’s our course on improving your phoneography for both iPhone & Android.

Last chance to join Phoneography 101

Wanna learn how to make photos like these? It’s really not as complicated you think!

We’re sharing all of fave editing tips and tools (and way more) in our Phoneography 101 course for iPhone and Android.

Join Phoneography 101

p.s. Enroll now and you’ll get a $5 Photojojo Store gift code when you finish.

You’re shooting more and more with your phone, so we think it’s about time to help you take more amazing photos with it.

Our Phoneography 101 course covers lots o’ topics including lighting, everything from fundamentals to the experimentally creative.

Join Phoneography 101 to step up your skills

p.s. - EVERYBODY gets a $5 Photojojo gift card for signing up. Yes, we did say that in Oprah’s voice.

(Sob) That’s the sound of your fingers weeping every time you make them take pics in frigid temps.

Not to worry though. The Ten-Digit Touchscreen Gloves (aka finger clothes) have conductive fibers woven into each fingertip so you can snap photos on your phone/tablet and still keep those hands happy.

Keep your hands cozy with the Ten-Digit Touchscreen Gloves

The iPhone Adventure Suit. Find it here:
The iPhone Adventure Suit. Find it here:

Biking, surfing, skateboarding, kayaking, cannonballs in the pool? Probably off-limits for your iPhone. UNTIL NOW!

The iPhone Adventure Suit is a protective case for your iPhone 5 that’ll keep it safe from falls and watery plunges up to 15 feet.

The iPhone Adventure Suit turns your iPhone 5 into a waterproof action cam.

Hiya Android photographers. We have something just for you!

It’s our Phoneography 101 course on taking amazing pics with your phone, but you know, with all the secretz for Android phones. Let us know what ya think.

Join Phoneography 101 for Android

You probs love phoneography ‘cause you follow this Tumblr, but here’s a reminder that *TODAY IS THE LAST DAY* to join Phoneography 101 before it starts tomorrow.

We’re beyond excited to show ya!

Join Phoneography 101

p.s. Next round of Phoneography 101 will begin April 1st, but we’d hate to make you wait.

p.p.s. Android pals, we promise we’ll be ready for you soon. You can leave your email with us and we’ll notify ya.

Happy Heart Day! Whether you’re smitten with a special someone (or just kittens) we heart you and we’re giving out something for your fave person.

Enroll in our *new* Phoneography 101 course (it’s the funnest way to learn photo fundamentals for your phone) and get your special friend in for free (you’ll get an email w/ the deets)!

Get schooled at Phoneography 101

p.s. Already signed up? Don’t be bummed out ‘cause you’ll be getting an extra something at the very end, too!

Sit down, people. Imagine if Photojojo RAN A SCHOOL?

Ok, open your eyes. Or stand up or whatever.

Introducing: Photojojo University. It’s 4 fun & easy weeks of photo fundamentals for your favorite camera: your phone.

And it’s super fun.

Sign up for Phoneography 101
$10 (Launch deal: only $5 + you get a free gift card!)

Hey neat! Instagram introduced a new web version of Instagram today.

You can view your stream and like and comment on photos all in your browser. No uploading though. Makes sense, since on-the-go photos are what Instagram’s all about!

Instagram’s New Web Version! In-Browser Stream

Forget rubies and emeralds. We want Walden and Kelvin and Inkwell jewelry!

Jewelgram read our mind or something because if their Kickstarter’s funded, they’ll be making Instagram rings and pendants.

If you’re down to try a DIY version, check out our photo jewelry tutorial

Jewelgram - Make Jewelry from Instagrams

Twitter’s new Vine app lets you shoot and share 6-second videos at a time!

The idea behind the app is to let you capture snippets of life and share them super easily with friends and family.

Vine, a Video Sharing App for Snippets of Life

Sometimes your phone’s facial recognition gets a little confused.

Recognition, an Art project by Manuel Fernandez

via NotCot

This little periscope-looking thing is a camera eyepiece for your iPhone!

The iPhone Viewfinder pretty much gives your phone a viewfinder like the one your other cameras have.

It suctions to your phone’s screen and works with an app to help you frame your shot. It’s especially helpful for shooting on bright days!

The iPhone Viewfinder Adds an Eyepiece to Your iPhone

These guys tested their G90 rugged phone case by dropping it from 100,000 feet! 

That pretty much means you can give your phone hardcore durability, kinda like a GoPro has. Interestingly, it also adds a 90-degree lens, which lets you keep your phone flat while you shoot.

The G90 Case That Turns Your Phone into an Action Cam

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