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The iPhone Adventure Suit. Find it here:
The iPhone Adventure Suit. Find it here:

Biking, surfing, skateboarding, kayaking, cannonballs in the pool? Probably off-limits for your iPhone. UNTIL NOW!

The iPhone Adventure Suit is a protective case for your iPhone 5 that’ll keep it safe from falls and watery plunges up to 15 feet.

The iPhone Adventure Suit turns your iPhone 5 into a waterproof action cam.

You probs love phoneography ‘cause you follow this Tumblr, but here’s a reminder that *TODAY IS THE LAST DAY* to join Phoneography 101 before it starts tomorrow.

We’re beyond excited to show ya!

Join Phoneography 101

p.s. Next round of Phoneography 101 will begin April 1st, but we’d hate to make you wait.

p.p.s. Android pals, we promise we’ll be ready for you soon. You can leave your email with us and we’ll notify ya.

Happy Heart Day! Whether you’re smitten with a special someone (or just kittens) we heart you and we’re giving out something for your fave person.

Enroll in our *new* Phoneography 101 course (it’s the funnest way to learn photo fundamentals for your phone) and get your special friend in for free (you’ll get an email w/ the deets)!

Get schooled at Phoneography 101

p.s. Already signed up? Don’t be bummed out ‘cause you’ll be getting an extra something at the very end, too!

This little periscope-looking thing is a camera eyepiece for your iPhone!

The iPhone Viewfinder pretty much gives your phone a viewfinder like the one your other cameras have.

It suctions to your phone’s screen and works with an app to help you frame your shot. It’s especially helpful for shooting on bright days!

The iPhone Viewfinder Adds an Eyepiece to Your iPhone

These guys tested their G90 rugged phone case by dropping it from 100,000 feet! 

That pretty much means you can give your phone hardcore durability, kinda like a GoPro has. Interestingly, it also adds a 90-degree lens, which lets you keep your phone flat while you shoot.

The G90 Case That Turns Your Phone into an Action Cam

Lomography’s coming out with a smartphone film scanner!

This little box lets you slide in 35mm film and illuminates it inside so you can capture the image on your phone.

The design is reminiscent of the Impossible Project’s Instant Lab but lets you do something totally different but equally cool.

We also saw something similar to this at Photo Hack Day in Berlin! Rad to see it being made.

The Smartphone Film Scanner on Kickstarter

Zoetrope in Action from Photojojo loves you on Vimeo.

Digital Analog DIY!: How to Make a Zoetrope with Your Phone

We figured out how to make a zoetrope (animation) using your phone!

It starts with shooting a panorama on your phone, printing, and then making a DIY mount to show off your animated photo. Watch the vid to see what we mean.

See the full tutorial to make your own.

This iPhone quick-release shoots your iPhone out of your arm! That means you’ll never miss a call, but better yet, you’d be ready to shoot a photo in an instant.

Japanese designer Showta Mori is the star of this amazing demo video and is selling the quick-release on Etsy.

iPhone Quick-Release Keeps You Ready for Calls (and Photos)

via Laughing Squid

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple’s working on a more affordable version of the iPhone. 

This means parts might be made from less expensive material. No word on what the camera would be like, and they may end up not moving forward with it in the end! We’ll see!

Apple’s Working on an Affordable Version of the iPhone

Pictured: the Photojojo Fisheye Phone Lens

A few great iPhone photos from Brock Davis!

That hamburger leaf has us hungry.

via anythingphotography

How do blind people use Instagram?

Teddy Edison shows us how above! It’s all thanks to the Accessibility setting on his iPhone which dictates what’s on his screen to him.

Tha best!

This photo album is square, so you can fill it with all your beautiful square phone photos (Instagram!).

 The best part is that it folds out, so you can display them on a shelf or wherevs. It even comes with 10 included prints thanks to the printing app Postalpix, meaning you can fill it right away.

A Square Photo Album That’s Also a Display 

If you’re remotely interested in phoneography, check out this article Photojojo’s founder Amit Gupta wrote for GOOD!

The iPhone Boom Mic from Photojojo loves you on Vimeo.

The iPhone Boom Mic lets you record sound that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise! It focuses in on sound from your subject and less on all the background noise.

Here’s a test we did on an iPhone 4S with and without the microphone.

The iPhone Boom Mic Helps You Pick Up Better Sound

The Verge takes a closer look at how exactly Instagram might use your photos when it comes to the new Terms of Service.

Essentially, Instagram can sell your photos to be displayed as unaltered sponsored content (similar to how Facebook ads can use Facebook users’ content), rather than sell your photo to be edited and have a brand name slapped on it.

However, even with this distinction, privacy and image rights are still obviously a problem for many Instagram users.  

Click-on above to read the full article.

UPDATE: Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram, also just posted a response to the Instagram community.

He states: 

"The language we proposed also raised question about whether your photos can be part of an advertisement. We do not have plans for anything like this and because of that we’re going to remove the language that raised the question.”

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